Handmade Kids Goods and Toys business based in Cape Town ZA. Female owned by a mom with a passion for children, making brown dolls and goods in their image.

Authenticity in Business | Affirmations for You

Authenticity, mental health and affirmations for the creative entrepreneur on social media platforms. This has been a tough one to balance for me, I’m continuously working to remind myself to take it easy, be kind to myself and learn from every hiccup, burnout, and failed move. I can now say that I easily recognize my …

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Product Photography | DIY Lightbox | Small Business Hacks

As a small business startup- the budget will not always be immediately available for you to hire a professional or to purchase the equipment and editing software that you’ll also need for those amazing pictures of your products. When you don’t start off in a brick and motor shop – and many of us don’t, …

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Ankara Fabric | About

I wrote this more to force myself to find out more about some of the fabrics that I frequently use. This would be fabric number one, Ankara. Then ofcourse I figured it would be great to share! WHAT IS IT? Ankara is also known as African Wax / Dutch Wax prints, it is mainly made …

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ankara bunny rattle

Bunnies Rattles | New Additions

And we have Bunnies! They measure at 25cm tall with the bunny ears up. When you shake these tiny bunnies you can hear a little rattle inside, they’re so adorable! Also made out of 100% cotton with a synthetic filling, they’re soft and snuggly, perfect for your little one! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Nondumiso Gogela- Founder

In and Around Cape Town | A Doll Maker

I recently had the chance to sit down with a talented production team, Art Hub Productions- specifically Felix and Samantha, who are doing a YouTube series called ‘In and Around Cape Town’ featuring interesting people, places and businesses in and around Cape Town. After a couple of unbelievable emails beginning end of February, this actually …

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