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Making Cuddly Brown Friends For Your Little One.

Imibongo kaMakhulu Handmade dolls is a small business making cuddly brown dolls for your little one. We take pride in our mission to broaden the options of brown dolls in the market. Providing high quality, fun little companions that come with various accesories even for your little one to deepen that bond.

As a mother myself to my rainbow baby Imibongo, Its truly important that each doll is relatable to its bestie/owner, hence we have two shades available currently. Even the little outfits they wear mimic the same adorable casual outfits your little one would wear. The variety in hair for our dolls reflects our reality, because every brown girl knows, our hair can do many many things! Its all the little details that we hope will sparkle not only relatability with your little one but her/his curiousity and imagination too.

Handmade with love and care, from our little home to yours.

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