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Chores & Kids | Good Habits

I can’t believe we’ve raised an entire human and she’s at the age where chores are a thing now!! My little bobblehead is becoming a responsible mini citizen :).

So she’s always been keen to help with dishes but for the most part, it’s been because she enjoys splashing around with water more than actually doing the dishes. This year we decided to try a chore chart inspired by Raven Elyse TV, it’s nothing serious and honestly, some of the things we go back and redo anyway. The idea is more about getting her used to having responsibilities in the house and not expecting us or someone else to pick up after her. We don’t follow the chart diligently or every day but it’s there for all of us to all remember she’s a human in training and not , as she constantly corrects us- a baby.

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Her Chore Chart

I went onto Pinterest and YouTube and found a chore chart that I then copied and printed out for her, we then went over it together, explaining what it was and how it’s going to work.

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So Much Inspo on Pinterest

I added pictures for visualization of the tasks as well as words so that they become familiar to her.

She was very excited ofcourse because 1 there are stickers involved and 2 at the end there’s a treat for every row she completes.

We’ve been on it for over a month now and she’s not as competitive as I thought she was- she’s more excited about the sticker at that moment and then quickly forgets that in the end there’s a special treat.

In the beginning, she also insisted on giving us stickers too whenever she saw us doing the dishes or cleaning.

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A Sample Chore Chart

Her latest trickery is she gets us to “help” her with things that she should be doing on her own, like brushing her teeth or feeding herself under the guise of us “helping each other* she says!

Either way, this chart is serving its purpose to get us into the habit of expecting certain behaviors from her and creating a culture of accountability, forming good habits.


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