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Finding Balance | Mompreneur

Running a business from home and being a parent has its “special”moments. One of them looks like this; me typing up a business plan last year with a one year old napping on my chest, my laptop on her back/my thighs. Sometimes its sewing with her next to me, cheering the machine on every time it goes “vroooom!!, screaming in delight “wehh done mama!””.

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Inspiration For The Mompreneur

It isn’t of course always this colourful, sweet and serene.

CHAOS. For one, we sometimes disagree on what she can and can’t play with- failing to agree, means chasing her around the house to get a pair of scissors or a new doll out of her sticky hands!.

HELP. Realistically, my work days aren’t actually this chaotic, my daughter goes to daycare, leaving me free to work an 8 hour day in peace. Its the weekends and the days that I decide to keep her home that the (comic relief) drama happens.

ROUTINE. During the week I’ll pick her up in the afternoon and entertain her for a bit before getting supper ready, followed by her bath, and finally putting her down for bed by hopefully 8.30 pm.

The routine is intentional of course, we’ve found it easier to fit in recovery time from the day, keeping a toddler happy as well as setting time aside to actually feel like we have seen and spoken to each other at the end of a busy day. Whether you use this time to connect or just do nothing, together- its needed.

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Down Time At Our Favorite Beach, Strand

JOURNALING. I’ve found writing down my priorities every week helps me manage my time, stress less and maximize productivity. I even write down “Friday-admin/ half day” to make it a point to take it slow on Fridays. Saturdays are dedicated to friends and family.

SACRIFICES. I read something recently, that stated that having the life you want does not usually mean having picture perfect balance too. Especially with a growing small business that has massive goals ahead. At times sleep suffers, other times family time suffers, and other times its time with hubby. This has been very true for us this past two months with my working on launching a website- while keeping a business going day to day. The truth is I probably put in more hours now than I did when I wasn’t self employed.

HAPPY MEDIUM. The difference is now I am happier doing it, and I have the freedom to pull back at any time when its necessary. Having a two year old- this card comes in handy often as she demands I put everything away and dance with her to the paw patrol theme song.

I’m working on finding a balance that works for me and mine. And while I still sleep late often, doing what I love, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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