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Authenticity in Business | Affirmations for You

Authenticity, mental health and affirmations for the creative entrepreneur on social media platforms.

This has been a tough one to balance for me, I’m continuously working to remind myself to take it easy, be kind to myself and learn from every hiccup, burnout, and failed move. I can now say that I easily recognize my own unhealthy attachments to the weekly sales report or the likes or lack thereof on social media. And my primary response now is to step away and detach first, social media after all does not determine my value.

This has its own consequences of course- usually detrimental to your “stats”, out of sight- fell off planet earth, it’s really such a psychological trap (the nicer term for it).

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Perspective | Boss Mindset

I do the work I do out of love and with a specific purpose in mind, if all it took for me to quit was a dip in the algorithm then I clearly need to work on my sense of drive!

Not to complain about social media, because it really has been a saving grace for those in search of community and a wonderful tool for exploring your interests and aspirations- if you use it the right way- it can be so resourceful.

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Rest, Don’t Quit

Regardless of all this logic and awareness, I find comfort in repeating these affirmations to myself in times when I’m not being kind at all to myself, and at first, it was my friends that said these to me until it stuck. Now it’s a default form of self-therapy. I’ve written them below :

I am me, and that is enough.

I am allowed to try new things.

I am allowed to fail at new things, without becoming a failure.

My creative voice matters.

My mental health matters.

Boundaries are not only okay but necessary for my self-preservation.

I am not required to process my emotions publicly.

I refuse to compare myself to others and their individual journeys.

I am successful in my business.

I have support within my community.

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Superpowers | You Are Needed

I’ve also printed all my achievements this year and just need a big enough frame to collage them as a visual reminder that- I did that :).

FIY, this is a modified piece that came from a personal journal entry.


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