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My Creative Process | Coming Soon

So I have been working on something for a while now. The goal has always been to have a baby shop in the end, and while I love dolls, I believe I can now fully explore a couple other visions I’ve had for Imibongo kaMakhulu Dolls.

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The Thinking Process

My overall process starts of course with including all this in my initial plans – not in the finest details, and then as per hubby’s advice, concentrating on one aspect of the business until I am happy before moving onto the next. Then its time to move on to the next. (All will be revealed soon)

PREPARATION. Meantime I wanted to give insight into my creative process. As said above this began with writing it down into my plans a year ago when I was refining my business plans. I write things down to begin with. I played around with products and their complimentary others, of course the design that I wanted and what functions I need this product to perform. I also research whats already out there to see if there’s a real need for the item in the market.

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One Process Simmers & The Other In Full Swing

All of this usually starts with watching my own daughter and thinking about the things that I need around and for her as she grows and the changes that I would make if i had to make these items for her myself. It also means she is my fit model /Do you like this toy model. Which is tough because kids will love something for two minutes before tossing it aside and revisiting it 20 minutes later.

INCUBATION. Once done, I will usually let it simmer for a while before making noise about it on the gram to see how much I believe in it . This was the case with the bunny lovies- they were made two months before they ever actually saw the light of day/instagram.

EVALUATION. I would look at what I’ve made and try to decide if it does what its meant to do- ticks all the boxes. Asking mom friends their opinions, and when I receive consistent excitement its a sign to finally just got for it so I can receive the most important feedback and buy in- from my social media audience and customers. Depending what the response is I either go forward promoting the new item or I go back to the drawing board and make the tweaks. I have not yet dropped anything completely.. . . except maybe two or three doll designs.

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Anxiety is The Sister of Creativity

IMPLEMENTATION. This is an ongoing process, Truly putting it out on the market and going back to improve on that concept is key for me. I will usually pick up on things with time as well consider feedback from customers. Feedback will come in the form of actual feedback, a jump in sales or the lack interest- read between the lines so to speak. So you implement and make it better every time.


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