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New Additions | African Mermaids & Two Nunus

Its been a minute since we had an update in the shop- I’m beyond excited to add these magical new friends into the range and they’re here to stay!

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Nunu Bunny

Nunu Bunny and Nunu Bear will be replacing our previous bunnies- I found them to be much more playful in terms of the way I can apply and combine prints to them. As per our previous little bunnies, these are also rattles and so when you shake them you can hear a small rattle sound inside! No embellishments or pieces that can pop off and so very good for little babies, I’d say a great addition to your baby shower gift box.

Our next additions to the family are our two lovely black and brown mermaids- I have not named them yet. Super excited to see how they do and just in time for your Christmas shopping list!

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Bedside Friends For Your Little one!

I had so much fun creating these magical merbabies, I originally wanted to make three- including a boy but decided to hold back on him for now and see if he’s actually a wanted item. They measure at 37 cm tall with three cats original shweswhwe fabric for lower body and the bodice. How beautiful are these African shweshwe prints?

A nice African twist to a much-loved fairytale heirloom.


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