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In and Around Cape Town | A Doll Maker

I recently had the chance to sit down with a talented production team, Art Hub Productions- specifically Felix and Samantha, who are doing a YouTube series called ‘In and Around Cape Town’ featuring interesting people, places and businesses in and around Cape Town.

After a couple of unbelievable emails beginning end of February, this actually happened;

Talk about good timing- this project was exactly the pick me up my spirits needed! So much so that my fear of being in front of a camera, speaking, had to take a back seat, the guys were amazing and I enjoyed myself. Click on this link to the Art Hub Productions YouTube Channel to watch the full 2minute interview.

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The Creative Process of Doll Making

The interview covers a little bit of Who I am, Why I do what I do, My creative process and The importance of representation from a young age. Its really a small snippet of much broader conversations that I often have with myself and other moms in my circle with similar outlooks and values.


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