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Lockdown Survival | Small Business

Because you have time, its really a matter of why not?

FIX It. Those little projects or areas in your business that you needed to address but could not find the time to? Now is the time to actually tweak and shine until they’re just right!

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We MMiss You!

BE PRESENT AND CONSISTENT. Self-care is important and so is taking care of the trauma that we are all experiencing as a country and as small business owners in the face of lost incomes and uncertainty, regardless, try and show up, consistently, your business depends on it.

GET TO KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE | ENGAGE While your customers can’t or might not be buying right now, its no excuse to not talk to them, use your stories, videos, get interested in their interests and let them in on yours- show them the human behind the brand.

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Better Together!

COLLABORATE WITH FELLOW SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS the more makers you can band up with the more fun the networking experience and better the end project!

BE RESOURCEFUL | SUSTAINABLE SPENDING HABITS Go through your boxes of scraps and see what you can create with what you already have, look at it as a decluttering project.

HELP OUT | Make some masks for sale or donation, if not for the greater community then for your loved ones, chances are this will be our new normal and masks will be a necessity for a while still.

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Take Care

TAKE A BREAK | FILL UP YOUR CUP a break is ok if you need it, you cannot pour from an empty cup, so prioritize your mental health, some vitamin D and take care of your self.

And if you arent a small business owner but you want to know how you can help;

BUY FROM A SMALL BUSINESS Trust me no matter the size of your purchase, it’s all appreciated.

SHOUT A SMALL BUSINESS OUT just a recommendation or a shoutout helps, tell some friends about an amazing service, inspiring experience with a local business, empower someone.

ENGAGE ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA This is everything from liking content, following, sharing their posts so that their content can reach more people or DMing a small compliment to keep them motivated.

DONT ASK FOR DISCOUNTS Now is not the time. Remember this is someone’s livelihood.

IF YOU HAVE TRIED THEIR PRODUCTS- LEAVE THEM A TESTIMONIAL Easy enough, email or leave them some kind words to help their business by attesting to good service or quality products received.

This one is for you;

START A HERB OR FLOWER GARDEN WITH THE KIDS This one is good for the planet, it will teach kids about where these things come from, how they grow and it’s such a triumph when it goes right!

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Beginning of a Herb Garden!

LEARN A NEW SKILL Enrol in a course or watch some tutorials on YouTube on something you’ve always been interested in, you never know where your new skill could take you, if nothing else, it will certainly take your mind off things.

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Check In

FIND NEW WAYS TO CONNECT WITH LOVED ONES A zoom call with your girls or a more active family chat group is one way to help feel closer to those you love. Call loved ones who are quarantined on their own.

HAVE GAME/DATE NIGHTS love is not on lockdown so keep the romance alive, kill some time and do a home game night or date night with your love.

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Build A Box House!

HAVE A CRAFTY PLAYDATE FOR TOTS. Let them get involved and get creative with crafts. If all else fails then have an at home spa day with lots of pampering, dress up and bonding.

START A JOURNAL/ SCRAPBOOK Who knows what stories we will have to tell from this time, I personally miss the times of actual photo albums so why not put together a dual scrapbook journal documenting all the things happening around you and to you during this time, wonderful and scary. Make it fun and add photos, pressed flowers, buttons, a drawing, etc.

These are just suggestions, picking just one thing to do is more than enough, we don’t want you to burn out- Have Fun!!


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