Beautiful handmade bunny lovie in cream and navy floral
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New To The Family | Lovies!

Meet our newest additions to the family! We are very excited to have these lovely cuddly friends added to the shop- its been a project for a while and a LOT of work went into the fabric selection, design and makeup.

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Meet Toki And Simba

The size is about hankerchief size at 40/40cm, it has no embelishments, with a clean composition and the fabrics used are light and breathable, which makes it safer for baby to sleep with as well as easy to clean. We absolutely love that its gender neutral both in design and colouration with fresh floral prints. Having a fluffy bunny head ofcourse is a bonus so your baby can connect with his or her lovie more easily!

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Simba Bunny Lovie

On the topic of connecting with his or her lovie, here is how you as parent can encourage this connection; use the blankie whenever you and baby are doing anything together, whether its tummy time, feeding or nap time, have the lovie sitting within eye view so they begin to associate it as part of the circle. Your lovie should also begin to have the smell of mom, making it even more familiar to baby. If you have a new born this blankie can just be hung over the crib at a safe distance and your baby will begin to recognize and reach out for it himself once the curiosity and reflexes start kicking in. The benefits of this bond are endless!

Toki and Simba are created with a lot of love and care, from this mama to you and yours!


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