Brown Boy Doll
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The Significance Of Boy Dolls

Meet our first boy doll, Sibusiso (named by our first boy doll customer)! This was an exciting moment for us even though adding a boy doll to the range was definitely daunting. We did the research and sifted through the pros and cons and decided a test would not hurt- the response so far has definitely been encouraging.

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Sibu- Boy Doll

Boys playing with dolls should not be a taboo, not in 2019. Let boys play with dolls and reap the same benefits from the experience that girls do.

The benefits of playing with a representation of themselves and learning important skills such as empathy are not for nothing on boys. Dolls serve as a comfort as well for those scary moments when parents are not close by in new environments too.

While playdates are important and parents are greatly responsible for modeling behaviour to their young ones, teaching a child interaction with others outside of the context of driving and throwing objects can be a wonderful additional tool for communication later in life as well. Their speech will develop as they test out their babble and new words on their cuddly little friend. Doll play encourages their imagination for role play and can be a really be a great confidence booster.

So go ahead and get your child one of these to try, our boy dolls are currently quite limited in range so far until demand increases which we have full confidence will happen! For now they are made to order.


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