Toddler with doll and matching headband
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Our Tot Hair Care Routine

The trial and error of finding a hair routine that works for my two year old and I has been real. My first biggest lesson was understanding her texture so I can address those needs before diving in.

Imi with her afro out, playing with her doll dressed to match
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Afro Out on Wash Day | Matching Our Dolls

I wanted to make sure she has a healthy relationship with her natural hair and doesn’t view it as a frustration or less than (in comparison to silky straight hair). I have however found a few things that worked for us and listed them below, maybe they will help you;

BATH. Giving her a bath simultaneously when I wash her hair because she LOVES baths, its playtime for her.

BABY BATH CAP. She wears this to prevent water and shampoo getting into her eyes, helpful especially when she didn’t understand the idea of closing her eyes to prevent eye burn. I got ours at Crazy stores for R36.99.

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Baby Bath Cap/ Crazy Store

DISTRACTION. A distraction for the hair styling process in the form of games on my phone are the only things that work. I also make a point of telling her to go look in the mirror at how beautiful she is and pointing out some of the colours in her hair- she enjoys this, its like a reward at the end.

PROTECTIVE STYLING AND MOISTURE MAINTENANCE. I also always plait her hair, if not weekly then every two weeks to minimize the combing and hair pulling that would undo this peace treaty/understanding we now have. I spritz her hair with a mixture of water and conditioner every two days or so, adding some oils and creams to keep it from becoming dry, tangled and painful to take off at the end of the week.

Curl creme for afro hair moisture
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Moisture Maintenace Creme/ Clicks

As you can see its been mostly about making her comfortable and making the process easier for the both of us. That and making sure I’m not repeating the combing during the work week, I have two battle scars on my legs from before we started using some of these aids because she would FIGHT to get it done.

I am a believer in this routine and quite honestly her hair has thrived on it. One more thing- add some of our hair accessories to the mix!


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