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Faves: Xhosa Nursery Rhymes | YouTube

Lets talk about THE struggle to find local nursery rhymes! We know that children start picking up on language from listening to their parents speak to them and to each other.

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Images via Youtube | Bhabha Gush’emnyama/ Baabaa Black Sheep

LANGUAGE, BONDING. My daughter mixes Xhosa and English at hilarious points currently, shes two so we appreciate her efforts and encourage her to use both interchangeably. A lot of it is repetition in the beginning, which is where nursery rhymes come in! Its a fun way to bond with your little one on their favorite nursery rhymes, teach them which words mean what motion (hand clapping) and putting words together.

LITTLE OPTIONS. But seriously when I found this information about nursery rhymes I thought oh perfect, let me look up nursery rhymes then, both isiXhosa and English. I was very dissapointed with the search results, most links lead to nowhere and I could not download any of the very few isiXhosa nursery rhymes that I found.

XHOSA KIDS- YOUTUBE. This is how I eventually found Xhosa Kids TV on YouTube where I found English nursery rhymes translated into Xhosa, as well some of our own orginals like “Chapha chapha Imanzi ‘lokhwe yam!” I could save a playlist and download to watch ofline as well.

FUN, EDUCATIONAL, EASY ACCESS. If you can get past the atrocious spelling of course, these are GOLD, my daughter already has some faves! They come in several of our South African languages including isiZulu, they kept my daughter well entertained and she was fascinated.

These playlists are great on our hair washing days, picnics when the kids get tired and long distance travel trips, we try to keep her from our phones otherwise though- blue light and all. Heres a link to one, have fun finding some faves with your bhabha.


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